Unlock the Power of ContinuousCare's Platform

Our comprehensive healthcare platform offers a wide range of features and integrations to help you deliver top-notch telehealth services.

Patient Health Records

Device Integration

Robust Appointment Framework

Prescriptions and Lab Order Support

Patient Engagement Features

Monitoring/Care Plans

Video Consultation Capabilities

OAuth2 Authentication

User Managemnet

API Integration Support

Shopify/E-Commerce Integration

Multi-Channel Notifications

Family Account

Roles & Permissions

Audit Log

Application Security

File Management

Anti-Virus File Scanning

Multi-Language Support

WhatsApp Business API Integration

Find The Perfect Solution For Your Telemedicine App Development

ContinuousCare offers three options to match the exact stage of your telemedicine startup

White Label Apps

You want a proven out-of-box solution

  • Launch Your Telehealth App Today
  • Cost Effective SAAS Model
  • Start Small & Scale Up
  • Minimal Running Costs

Customize It For Me

You want a unique user experience or integrations.

  • Custom Telehealth Apps With Our SAAS Solution
  • Low Development Costs
  • Launch New Features Fast
  • Minimal Running Costs
Build It For Me

You want a unique user experience or integrations

  • Realize Your Unique Vision
  • Proven Expertise in Healthcare
  • Value For Your Investment
  • Trusted Partner For Your Telehealth App Business
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