Organisers and travellers will love it too

moonstride is clear enough for organisers and travellers to use too. With a click of a button, they can accept or reject quotes, invite other travellers, make payments and choose their packages and options.

Organisers can

  • View, accept, reject and tailor quotes
  • Review the details of their booking, from price per person to transfer information
  • Turn a quote into a booking by paying a deposit
  • Invite travellers to the group booking, to make their choices and payments

Travellers can

  • View invites
  • Add their details to a booking
  • Invite other travellers
  • Choose their packages and options
  • Pay for their spot

Making payments

  • choose which travellers to pay for
  • Pick their packages and options
  • Pay online via credit card or request bank transfer

Simple. Automated. Intuitive

When it comes to group travel management, you know the gripes. We know the gripes. There are flurries of emails, lots of decision makers having their say, files to manage, and many moving parts.

moonstride is a management system that’s custom-built to address these common problems for group travel businesses, and make bookings more straightforward than ever.

Packed full of helpful features, it covers sales, quotations, bookings, planning, purchases and operations.

How moonstride helps your business

Receiving enquiries…

  • Captures all the information needed to store the client as a lead
  • Helps keep track of follow-ups

Building a quote…

  • Creates a quote
  • Notes supplier costs and profit margins – which are for your eyes only
  • Emails quotes to the organiser
  • Sets an expiry date for the quote
  • Labels quotes as open, incomplete, approved, expired or cancelled
  • Creates an itinerary for the booking
  • Uploads, attaches and deletes relevant documents
  • Organiser can review the quote in the system
  • Organiser can approve the quote

Managing bookings…

  • Turns an accepted quote into a booking
  • Allows full editing of bookings
  • Shows who the organiser has invited
  • Logs associated payments made, and shows the outstanding amount
  • Shows an account overview for every booking in your business
  • Cancels bookings
  • Manages refunds
  • Compiles booking documents, tickets and vouchers

Tailoring packages…

  • Manages services like hotels, meals, room types, board, activities and transfers
  • Allows Optional options that customers can choose and tailor

Empowering organisers…

  • Sets up organisers
  • Sends them quotes and itineraries to accept

Chasing payments…

  • Schedules automatic reminders to the organiser and travellers, based on what needs to be paid by specific dates

Designed for your group travel business

School and university trips

Adventure group travel

Festivals, sports and events group travel

Hen, stag and wedding travel

Cultural and religious tours

Corporate group travel

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