LPS Student Information System Modules

LPS comprehensive modules cover all aspects of the administration of the school or a group of schools.


Utilize LMS virtually to create, record, store learning data, and export the data in and out of our LMS to other systems. A centralized state-of-the-art software that enables schools and colleges to manage all perspectives of the digital learning process. A system with features that effectively supports teaching activities of colleges and schools.


Improve your enrollment process by maintaining and configuring enrollment guidelines and standards. Verify student's documents, entries, certificates, etc. The advanced data verification process allows administrators to check students' eligibility and eliminates challenges encountered during student data verification and communication. The enrollment system provides a secure and reliable online enrollment process for schools and colleges.


Secure and streamline seamless admission process for students and staff. MarkersPro student admission software eliminates administrator's challenges they face while verifying student data. It reduces the admission process workload and saves time. In addition, the online student admission system also allows students to follow and track their application status.


Empower your educator or on-technical users to assemble, generate, and communicate different reports to the end-users without burdening the IT team. Our reporting system generates real-time reports that meet individual client needs efficiently. Provide data for meetings or answer a particular query with just a few steps.


You don't have to wait in long queues to make payment/deposit for your child's school or college fees. Our Billing system offers several billing options to help parents and students pay the college and school fees. It is easy-to-use software that helps to maintain payment database, track monthly transactions, manage students' school fees payment.


Evaluate, assess, and document academic progress and skill acquisition in one place. Encourage the teacher to work progressively and in an informative manner that provides feedback for students. Additionally, Assessment champions students to score higher, self-evaluate and set goals.

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Encourage your staff and students to plan and achieve academic goals. Design online or live classes through Google Classroom, Canvas, and Moodle. A learning management system that is flexible and saves time for your stakeholders. We offer a versatile, user friendly interface with centralized data storage.

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Let your students and teachers map out their daily calendars to better position their day. Promote and encourage students to follow best practices to plan their study time outside the classroom. Let your students plan, work against deadlines, support home assignments, and help them enhance their time management skills with our smart scheduling practice.

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Create an attendance system that suits your institute. Track the attendance of your staff and students allowing access to their records from personal devices. There are multiple options for taking attendance including at events, for exams and throughout the school day.

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Manage school discipline with MarkersPro Discipline Module. It includes incident reporting, incident approval, management of the incident and tracking of consequences of the incident. The MarkersPro discipline includes incident approval, incident report, student discipline, and manage the incident related to clothing, time, work ethics, and social behavior. School discipline is supported by penalties acquired from breaking the school code of conduct or rules.

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Notifications to all school community members through messages and emails is an essential part of effective communication. MarkersPro offers a separate communication section specifically for parents and students that creates a bridge for responsive communication. This type of collaboration between school and parent encourages ongoing sending and receiving information.

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The STAFF module manages staff member information, allows teachers to be assigned to course sections, and provides staff members access to system functionality. Staff members are assigned jobs and roles. Staff education information, credentials, and experience can be tracked to ensure qualifications meet the school’s needs. User-defined fields allow for the customization of staff data. Leave can be requested, approved, and tracked in the system.

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Track, record, and manage all the major features of a student’s academic process, such as attendance, demographic data, discipline, health, online assignment, scheduling, assessment, and billing, etc. MarkersPro SIS is a secure, state-of-the-art cloud-based software accessible by students, staff, and parents. Maintain student, staff, and school records and access it from any corner of the world.

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Track your students' real-time transport information from any corner of the globe. Assist parents, students, staff, and administration to efficiently manage school transport. The transport system allows various stakeholders to ensure student security and safety in the most efficient way. We offer instant transport alerts to schools and parents, detailed transport reports, and incident reporting.

Features at Glance (It Empowers You To)

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Additional Features

MarkersPro user interface is an experience itself. All the modules are interrelated yet independent. Some of the salient features of MarkersPro Software are

Zero Maintenance required

MarkersPro is a SaaS, so no technical steps are required after receiving a new release.

Personalized and role-based access

We support single sign-on using Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, and SAML Federation.


We bring the best solution at the lowest and most affordable cost.

Flexible deployment and functionality

Our modules are amazingly simple for novice users. You can easily roll out new functionality and features as you are ready.

Performance and scalability are built into the core of our platform’s design, development, and operation. Our application services are built using a microservice architecture that is built to be cloud-native and highly scalable.

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